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Hutson Plumbing Company Incorporated is a family-owned business with over 70 years of business experience in and around historic Savannah, Georgia. Hutson Plumbing’s origins reach back to the late 19th century when, in August of 1893, George Washington Hutson was born in Bluffton, South Carolina. When he was 23 years old, George worked in horse stables in what is now known as Palmetto Bluff in Bluffton.  An on-site mechanical pump broke, and a plumber from Savannah came to repair the pump. George took interest in the work and asked the man where he could learn such a trade. The plumber replied by telling George to go to Savannah, Georgia and fill out an application.

He moved to Savannah to become a plumber’s helper. Two years after he got the job, an unforeseen bump stopped him from continuing in his apprenticeship in 1918. He was drafted by the United States Army in World War I and went to boot camp in Virginia. During his stay at the boot camp, officers learned of his knowledge of plumbing and gave him two options: work at the United States’ shipyard or be deployed to help the war effort in Europe.

George weighed his two options and chose to work at the shipyard, where he stayed and worked as a pipe fitter until war was over. After the war, he wanted to continue learning about plumbing, so that’s exactly what he did. He stayed on at the shipyard and worked there until the worst economical disaster in United States history swept over the nation: The Great Depression.

Work was unstable to say the least. No one was hiring, jobs at esteemed businesses were now sparse, and families were hungry. In 1929, George bounced from plumbing shop to plumbing shop, doing work wherever he could get it. As a more stable income, he worked for his neighbors, doing the plumbing repairs that their families needed around their houses. This work kept him busy until 1934, when he had the idea to start his own business. Out of this thought grew Hutson Plumbing and Heating, which ran out of his house on Georgia Avenue.

George’s work ethic and skill allowed his business to run smoothly until a very familiar foe reared its head: war. As World War II approached, material was hard to find. All of the copper and other metals used in plumbing were being used for the war effort. With a lack of supplies, work was impossible. George went back to work at the local shipyard in 1942, but the defeat of the Germans in April and May of 1945 allowed him to return to his business.

A special moment in Hutson’s history took place in 1950. George Jr. (Bubba) came to work with his father making Hutson Plumbing and Heating an official family business. At the time, George Sr. had four employees. Then, in 1958, George Sr’s youngest son, John, graduated high school and added another Hutson name to the payroll. Business boomed with the trio working in the business together, and it ran smoothly until 1965 when George Sr. retired at the age of 72. He handed his business over to his well-crafted sons, Bubba and John.

In 1969, the payroll had reached 15 and the Hutson Brothers needed a new office for their expanding business. They moved the business down the road to Thunderbolt, Georgia where the business still stands today. As it does, technology changed shortly thereafter, making steam heat obsolete. The brothers made a decision to allow the heating license to expire. This decision turned Hutson Plumbing and Heating into the present-day company of Hutson Plumbing Company.

Bubba and John worked hard and made names for themselves for being clever, hard-working men with an eye for plumbing. For 18 years, the business flowered into a bigger entity and, by 1988, had 30 employees. Bubba, happy with the work he accomplished, retired in 1988 at the age of 71, leaving his son Robert to help John manage the business. The next year, John’s son-in-law, Lynn Moody, came to work at Hutson Plumbing Company as an estimator. With the business still growing, John expanded the facility at 329 Bonaventure Road to twice that of its original size in 1994. That same facility is still in use today. John, Robert and Lynn all still play an active role in the day-to-day business of the company and have recently brought in the 4th generation of the family on board. As a team, it is their desire to continue the tradition of workmanship and professionalism for many years.